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Media Streaming Logo Conversion Installation

Looking for bespoke Media Services? We have you covered. 

  • Event Streaming
    Event Streaming

    Hosting an event that requires streaming? Business, Wedding, Funeral? Vidigi Media can set up and manage your streaming needs to make your special event available from any location globally.

  • Business Logos
    Business Logos

    Our logos are designed and delivered in a digitised format suitable for all your digital and print formats in an exceptional hi-resolution format. We can provide single or multiple images, fully animated and many others for use in today's digital and multi-platform world.

  • Media Conversion
    Media Conversion

    Keep your precious memories alive by transferring them to a useable digital format. Vidigi Media can breathe new life into your old media files by transforming your old VHS, Mini-DV, Hi8, mini-DV, 35mm reel, negatives and slides into digital versions which you can easily view and share with others.

  • Media Installation and Advice
    Media Installation and Advice

    Need advice on setting up your own video or sound system? Live streaming an event and need some support? Vidigi Media is at hand to guide you every step of the way, from one to one advice to full consultation and training to meet your business needs.

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Our Mission

Our mission at Vidigi Media is to bring your memories to life, from live streaming to image restoration of your old photographs and negatives. 

Relive your happiest memories and pass them down to future generations, preserving them forever.

How many old negatives have you got still undeveloped, photographs dog eared, faded and water stained, how many VHS tapes do you keep for sentimental reasons – yet no video player to watch them on? 

Vidigi Media can transform, restore and convert into a more universal format which you can replay and view on your computer, phone and share online.

Don't Delay - Preserve Your Film Today

Tapes and Negatives degrade with time, make sure you don't loose them forever