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How long have you been in business?

We have been providing media services for over 10 years.  Starting out converting older forms of media such as VHS and negatives to digital then moving into video and photo work as clients were pleased with our high level of service and value we provided and asked us to do more for them. We registered as a Ltd company in 2020.  Our team are from photography, videography, artistic, web design and other creative industries and between us have over 30 years’ experience.

What does the video production process involve?

We spend time getting to know you, your brand and needs in the same way as a good builder, architect, stylist or artist might.  No two productions are the same, just like your needs won’t be exactly the same as another business, even if you share the same industry.  We will make sure we understand your needs, create a detailed scope of work to make sure that you have something in writing from us as a firm commitment of what we will deliver.  For many projects we produce a full set of story boards showing how your stills, videos and animation will look once we are completed.  Making changes at this stage is easy and costs nothing but a small amount of time.  By taking this time early on in a project, we will save you time and costs further down the line by producing the right material for you, first time.  We encourage our clients to have as much creative input as they wish.  Providing drafts throughout the process so that you can rest easy knowing the project is developing how you wish.  At whatever point you are confident of leaving us to our process we are equally confident working without you but will always provide as much detail and regular updates as you feel comfortable with.

How large is your crew for filming?

We can often produce the material you need with only 1 or 2 one site at any one time.  This is especially useful to businesses where space is a premium, areas are often populated with customers such as shop floors or capacity is limited.  If your project requires more people, we can cater for whatever size production your needs dictate.  Our pre and postproduction usually involves between 2 and 4 people to make sure the planning, artwork, graphics and audio are all as perfect as you deserve and expect.

Can you edit existing footage?

Absolutely.  This is where our services started off all those years ago!  Many of our clients have existing footage they want brought up to date in terms of quality and overall look.  Having existing footage also gives us a good starting point for the look you may wish to achieve.  We can add footage, music, voiceover, graphics and much more to most existing material.

Do you add voiceovers and music?

Yes. We have access to a huge library of music, sound effects and voice over material.  Everything we create or provide we also make sure you have the correct licenses for.  We make sure your final material will not just look and sound great but also won’t get pulled from the internet for copyright infringement!  If you are looking for the ultimate premium finish, we also have professional voice artists and musicians on our books to create totally unique one off sounds and speech for you.

What about graphics and branding?

We offer a logo creation service with several options to explore.  If your business has no logo at all will can create on for you from scratch.  If you have an older logo that you want to give a fresh lease of life to, we can make that happen also.  From the simplest of still images to a full animation with sound to really bring your brand to life, Vidigi Media can do it all.

What kind of equipment do you use?

Our main photo and video equipment is from Canon.  These are widely used around the world and provide a robust platform for us to create whatever material you need.  Our video is recorded in 4k to provide the best degree of clarity for all your videos, it also allows us a greater degree of control over the final media we produce.  If you don’t require such a high grade finish we can easily, and at no further charge, scale down your production to fit whatever final platform you wish to show it on.  Other brands that we use are Blackmagic, Behringer, Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, DJI, Hague, Proaim and many more.  If a project calls for a specialist piece of equipment, then we have access to literally thousands of items at very short notice.

Can you add subtitles to your videos?

Yes.  If you require subtitles in either closed caption or always on, either can be accommodated.  This is an optional service so please do speak to us about this when we are planning your project.

Can you make our video go ‘viral’?

There’s no guarantee of what makes video content go ‘viral’ and we’d be wary of any organisation that promises to achieve this. However we’re happy to offer advice on distributing your content to the widest possible audience, and can recommend some of our trusted collaborators who specialise in SEO and social media if you wanted to explore this further.

Can you add people to a photo?

Yes.  This is service that has increased in popularity.  Creating group shots from a team that is not in the same location due to time or other restrictions is totally achievable and within most budgets.

Can you colour a photo?

Adding colour, removing cracks or recreating faded areas of old photographs is totally achievable and allows you to use older, precious material, that may hold greater importance to you than newer material ever will.

Can you restore my original print or negative?

Yes.  If you have a negative, we stand a great chance of being able to produce a finished print.  If you have a damaged negative or print, in most cases we are still able to offer a service that will meet and exceed your expectations.  Once older material is brought to life again, if you want it including in other work we do for you, then that is no problem either.

Do you offer discounts for bulk orders?

Yes.  If your project requires the production of many copies of the same material, such as for distribution to clients, then we have the capacity to produce literally thousands of DVDs within days.  If you need a series of images, videos etc producing then by engaging us for the entire project will always save you money than using different providers.  Often clients save a huge amount because every subsequent project we complete doesn’t require the same time to understand your needs before we can go to production. This time saving is passed to you and allows you to get more from your budget.

Why Is My Live Stream So Slow, So Laggy, So Choppy, So… Crap?

This is one we hear more and more.  Call us so we can help you understand how to get the most from your existing equipment, explain what options you have available expand on or replace what you have.  We can also provide a contracted service as agreed prices for many venues such as weddings, funerals, corporate event and much more.

What Can Live Streaming Do For Small Businesses?

There’s no guarantee of what makes video content go ‘viral’ and we’d be wary of any organisation that promises to achieve this. However we’re happy to offer advice on distributing your content to the widest possible audience, and can recommend some of our trusted collaborators who specialise in SEO and social media if you wanted to explore this further.

How Should I Promote My Live Stream?

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